Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Pride, His Anger

After the break up a lot of things has happened, we tried to talk about it and started dating (again) even if our friends (on both parties) are against it, but they had no choice but to deal with it, this time we are taking things slowly. It's was "okay", not the same as before less emotions involved, but we only made it worst:
  • Me going on different dates, him whoring on planetromeo.
  • Him spreading my private conversation with my best friend on facebook to his friends, co-workers at the school who happens to be owned by my mom, and to people who I don't even know, also telling the hairdresser of the salon we both go to. As a defense me sending his cybersex conversation to his friends. 
  • Exchanged of harsh words, me putting up status on facebook pertaining to him.
  • Him getting furious and getting physical (for the 2nd time) but this time I fought back.
Am I happy for what just happened? NO, but boy did I learned my lessons well. I admit we both crossed the line. After hitting me in the face he had the guts to talked to my mom and got her sympathy, she ask him to stay, now the relationship I'm building up with my mom goes down the drain, again for the nth time my mom thinks I'm a mess. I hope he's happy but this won't last long, I will take back everything he took from me. You cannot blame me for everything, I also fought hard to make this relationship work, I also gave up so many things for him, and I gave everything as much. I'm not coming out clean, I also had my share's of inconsistencies, bad attitudes, stupidity and faults but I can't help but think for a guy who had 15-20 relationships in the past and most are unsuccessful, there must be something wrong. I don't want this to end this way but somehow what just happened made me realized something, that "loving yourself more doesn't mean your selfish". Sadly the best way to end this is to go our separate ways, too many people got involved, as of now it can never be fixed. Thanks to my ex bf I learned to stand up for on my own, to defend myself, I'm not the guy who just keep quiet all the time, no, not anymore.

Now, I am starting my life all over again without him


  1. Hug...


  2. sana narinig ko yang kwento na yan.. nung sa dinner sa trinoma!! hehehe ull be fine.. :))

  3. @junjun: (hugging back):(

    @anonymous: sino ka dun? :) ayoko na kc lumaki ung issue, but cant help but write about it, need to vent out. sa side kc nya parang alam ng buong mundo nagugulat nlng ako alam ng parlorista. I was really happy sa bonding natin sa trinoma, ang saya saya ko pinakanta pa tlga ako ng "someday". anyways nice to meet you. it will pass i will be fine. thanks!

  4. hehehe yep!!bagay naman sayo ung kanta!! ul be fine and over with him soooooon :)) ako pala ung huling dumating sa sam/sam sam watever!! hehehe ay si yogi pala ung last na dumating dun!

  5. ah ok... ikaw ung naka yellow? starting with the letter M ba name mo? thank you for visiting my blog. hugs! :)

  6. yep.. ako na nga!! hehehehe advance meri xmas!! beeee hapi :))

  7. Merry Christmas din! hope to see you guys again soon. thanks thanks! :)