Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Climbing the Career Ladder

The month of June came and my promotion is official. I used to work 2 jobs but now I want to focus on one, I've been working on this company for a almost a year, I used to work as a part timer since I don't like to be tied up in one company but since my boss noticed my potential she offered me regularization with the compensation I demanded at first I was hesitant but after thinking hard I decided to accept it, to my surprise the offer wasn't only for regularization, I am promoted as one of the senior employee's of the company, there are people who were working for the company for years but still my boss chose me. I am happy with the blessings I am receiving from GOD, I've finally proven to my mom that my life is going on the right path despite the virus. My work schedule is kinda crazy but I think I can manage. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hibernating from twitter

Its been a while since the last entry, so many things has happened, got promoted from work, my partner finally arrived. Everything is going well until depression strikes again. I will be hibernating from twitter for a while, I need to fix some issues with myself, I also want to focus my attention to my partner. I'll be back once everything falls into their rightful place. Till then... Take care guys!