Friday, September 9, 2011

My 3rd CD4

I had my CD4 extracted last august 16 at PGH, yeah at PGH! Finally we won't have to go to RITM or SACCL for the extraction. It's my 3rd time to have my CD4 extracted I was a bit nervous because the last time I lost 146 count, very heartbreaking. Since then I started my ARV not a very nice beginning but it got better, my body became at ease with my meds. My schedule was very hectic but I manage to squeeze in the scheduled extraction. I work 6x a week. Sunday was my only day off and they don't have any schedule but on weekdays. The extraction was still the same process as the others, but the only thing I noticed is that ate Cellene's tummy got bigger, shes pregnant, its been a while since I visited PGH, I was busy with work so I asked someone to get my meds and my last check up was May.

I ask my doctor if I can get my results early in the morning, and she agreed. I waited 3weeks for the result... September 6, I had my check up around 6:30 in the morning. I love my doctor she's very accommodating and nice, I can always count on her. I was very excited... I went to PGH with someone. The usual I waited on the bench then Dr. Rose arrived, we went to sagip unit, the usual check up had a few chat and then she showed my result. My CD4 only increased by 33 points, she knew I wasn't that happy, I mean it was okay, only okay, but she said that Viral Load is more important than CD4 so I had hope the only problem was there is no VL in PGH I have to do it in RITM and its worth 6,000 pesos! 6,000 PESOS!!! Sad to say it's not covered by Phil Health. I think I'll take it on December, hopefully my ARV are really working.

My CD4 as of August 2011 is 334.