Friday, May 10, 2013

A Hug

I woke up today thinking that this day is just like an ordinary day, I immediately took a bathe and prepare myself for work, I usually kiss my mom on the forehead before leaving the house but as I was walking out the door.

Mom: aalis ka na? (are you leaving?)

Me: opo baka ma-late ako sa office (yes, I might be late for work)

Mom: lika muna dito (come here first)

I was thinking she will just ask me to do some errands and stuffs, as I got closer she gave me a very tight hug. I was speechless and teary eyed... As you can see my relationship with my mom got weakened after I told her my HIV status, she was so mad at me that she said some very hurtful things to me before and our conversations regarding my health always leads to a fight. As I remember the last time she hugged me was on my 23rd birthday, I am already 24, turning 25 this year. That hug means a lot to me, it pushes to fight even more. I do love my mom very much and I had forgiven her already. I am just praying that one day things will be back to normal with us.