Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update: Doctor, Meds, and Cd4

I went to S.A.G.I.P-PGH yesterday to have my check up, to get my cd4 results and have my meds refill. Since sagip is on going some changes, new nurse, new doctor its like I'm starting all over again. I arrived around 1pm, its the first time I saw sagip with more than 5 people, usually when I go there I don't see anyone. Anyways the usual I knocked on the door and asked for my doctor, since I have a new doctor I forgot what her name was and gave my student number instead, in fairness to nurse karen, she is very nice and accommodating but since she is new she only knew me by my student number, so she let me wait outside then after a few minutes she let me in, she checked my blood pressure, my temperature, then she put something in my finger I really don't know what that's for, finally my weight, from 70kilos I now weigh 66kilos, I'm so happy I lost weight, I've been on a diet this past few days, thank god it payed off, then I told her that I was also gonna refill my meds, a few days before a friend from twitter tweeted that there isn't enough meds for our cocktail, and I confirmed that he was right, I was only given 15days supply of lamivudine and tenofovir, but I was given a bottle of efavirenz, the mass supply of meds will be delivered on the 3rd week of april so I think there is no reason to worry. After that I have to wait outside again for my doctor, to tell you honestly I wasn't so thrilled about the new doctor thing, I like my old doctor very much. When she came nurse karen introduced me to her, I was a bit shy but she is really nice, like my old doctor I can feel that she cares for me, she asked some question about my family, how am I coping, etc... The conversation when on and on, I found out that like my old doctor her pre-med course is my college degree, we had something in common. So its time for my cd4 results, my last cd4 as of august 2011 is 334, and my current cd4 is 326, it dropped 8points but it didn't really bothers me, I feel fine and I know someday I will be able to reach the 500 level. :)


  1. when i started i was 351 back in aug 11 as well but after six months of arv it came out to 702. im also taking that barley drink theyre selling out there that mightve been why. anyway glad to know your from aug too but im based in sl. i thought about moving there but since i read one of the blogs i opted not too hehe

  2. Im happy that your cd4 went up. :)

  3. first, it's a good thing you lost weight. i'm trying to do same thing now.

    second, it's nice to hear that you easily found comfort with all the change.

    I hope for everything to be well for you.

    : )

  4. nice blog.
    Nabasa ko rin some of your previous entries. I'm glad you're doing great.

    Gusto ko rin sanang magpa-HIV test, kaso, nahihiya ako at nag-iisa. Sa QC ako nagwo-work. Mahal ba ang test?! Yang gamutan mo, gaano kamahal kada buwan?

    --jason o.

    1. There are a lot of NGO's that offers free HIV testing, there is no reason to be afraid, you will undergo a pre counseling before the test and a post counseling after the results. My medicines are free as of now, and I hope it stays the same. Be safe. :)

  5. Na inspired ako ng soooobra-sobra, i want to know you better.Natatakot ako sa sitwasyon ko ngayon :(( iadd mo ko please? madami akng gustong itanong.