Monday, December 31, 2012

Remembering 2012

2013 is almost here, but let me share you my top 5 unforgettable experience this 2012.

5. Losing a friend - I've met him late December of 2010, instantly we clicked, we were constantly communicating through twitter, and just this year he passed away. He was such a good friend. I miss him...

4. Promotion - I have always been frustrated about my career, this promotion is truly a blessing.

3. Birthday - One of the most memorable birthday experience is celebrating with my twitter friend. I am happy that I was able to meet this wonderful people.

2. Cd4 - After being stuck to 300, my cd4 finally went up to 647, this one is really a surprise, because of my stressful work environment I didn't expect it to go up like this. I am very thankful.

1. Family and Boyfriend - My family doesn't talk about my relationship or even my orientation but I was surprised when they took the initiative to get to know my partner, we even had lunch the day my partner went abroad. Slowly they are starting to accept our relationship.

My partner went home on the day of our anniversary, even though he was just staying here for a short while, he never fails to make me happy. Its been 3months since he left and I miss him so badly.

Overall this year was great, I am very thankful to God for giving me a very understanding doctor, a stable job, a wonderful friends, a supportive family, and a loving boyfriend. Looking forward to a better 2013.

Happy New Year! :)