Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fly A Kite

Let me share you a song written and sung by Nar Carbico, this song is about HOPE, I always feel that there is more to life than HIV, HIV doesn't stop you from living and achieving you're dreams, it's not too late to dream, as long as your heart is still beating there's HOPE! Thank you Nar for this beautiful song!!! Namaste!

Fly A Kite is a song I wrote for my friends and loved ones who are living with HIV. This is my gift to them. And I dedicate this to everyone who are infected/affected by HIV in one way or another. They need our love and support. -Nar Cabico


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Im a Working Boy

Been very busy lately I work 7x a week, that's business, no time for myself, lots of stress (good stress) but I made my mom very happy so im okay with it, the only problem is im still under paid... lol!!!. Finally I got hired (again) hopefully (crossing my fingers) this time I won't encounter any problems to my employment. My work starts in july so I have plenty of time to keep myself healthy, will get back to the gym in june, I keep on gaining weight I am now 65kg, 8-10kg more than my usual weight blame it on the ARV's I can't stop eating. hahahaha!!! I've been really doing great lately, never been sick this past months, I think the ARV is working, hopefully, my next CD4 extraction is on august so let's see what happens. I need to reward myself from all the hard work maybe a massage or something. :-)