Saturday, May 21, 2011

Im a Working Boy

Been very busy lately I work 7x a week, that's business, no time for myself, lots of stress (good stress) but I made my mom very happy so im okay with it, the only problem is im still under paid... lol!!!. Finally I got hired (again) hopefully (crossing my fingers) this time I won't encounter any problems to my employment. My work starts in july so I have plenty of time to keep myself healthy, will get back to the gym in june, I keep on gaining weight I am now 65kg, 8-10kg more than my usual weight blame it on the ARV's I can't stop eating. hahahaha!!! I've been really doing great lately, never been sick this past months, I think the ARV is working, hopefully, my next CD4 extraction is on august so let's see what happens. I need to reward myself from all the hard work maybe a massage or something. :-)



  1. Buti ka pa, unlike me when I started taking ARV drugs last March naging masasakitin ako. :-(

    The main culprit was the zidovudine which almost fully drained my hemoglobin and wbc. That's the most terrible thing I experienced so far. At first ayaw pang maniwala ng doctor coz I looked normal daw pero when she got the CBC results nagulat sya. She replaced it with tenofovir. Since then naging sickly nako even when my CBC has gone normal na. :-(

  2. Im also taking tenofovir, so far okay naman ako, you need to take care of yourself more, eat healthy and have enough sleep. Don't worry to much nakakababa ng CD4 ang stress.

  3. Congratulations! Good news is always great to hear.

    @4dlynx, just continue letting your doctor know what you are going through. the success of your treatment will depend on how much trust you give your doctor and how much you communicate with him/her your concerns