Monday, November 29, 2010


My 1 year magnetic relationship just ended. I am also hurt but I think this will be the best of the both of us. Enough is enough, we tried so hard but we cant save this relationship anymore. We need to focus on our own lives now. Sorry but I wont shed another tear for you. I will be okay, I hope you are the same.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY BABY! We will have more years ahead of us!

THANK YOU for staying and loving from the start, I know, me having HIV is very difficult for you but we can get through anything. I LOVE YOU and I WILL PROMISE TO LOVE YOU MORE! MWAH! 

-sorry I was sick, lets do our celebration at our comming CEBU-BOHOL trip! love you forever!

I'm very LUCKY to have YOU! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pride March 2010

The 2010 LGBT Pride March will be observed in the light of HIV AIDS World Awareness Day. The theme "One Love: Stop AIDS, Promote LGBT Human Rights, Keep the Promise" acknowledges the LGBT Community's proactive role in advocating HIV AIDS awareness.

The Manila Pride March gathers LGBT groups and individuals once a year to promote solidarity within and outside the community. It creates a safe space where LGBTs and their supporters can raise pressing issues. By tradition, Manila Pride March coincides with Human Rights week, to affirm the specific rights claims of the LGBT community.

This year’s theme, “One Love”, pushes for unity. The diversity of the LGBT community is apparent, but this diversity comes at the price of political differences as well. However, this year’s March encourages everyone to view those differences as celebratory instead of damaging; that those differences are merely proof of the community’s dynamism. “One Love” also looks at how it is still possible to see points of convergence and collaboration despite differences.

The schedule for December 4 will be as follows:

2:00 pm - registration
3:00 pm - formation
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Pride March
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm - HIV AIDS awareness and Diversity Advocacy
9:00 pm onwards - Solidarity and Pride celebration

For More info, visit

For inquiries, please email us at


I trust every person who I come out with my HIV status, I don't just come out to everyone because I don't know how will they react to it. Will they accept me? Will they continue to love me? Will they be disgusted? Too many factors is to be considered before telling a person you have HIV. Like what happened with my mom, she had a hard time accepting me, until now she's not 100% comfortable with it, we don't talk about it, she doesn't want me to explain everything to her, she doesn't want me to tell my dad, she doesn't want me to come out of the world because people might be scared, people might not come close or near me, that's how my mom took it, what if it was someone else who doesn't even know me?

Since I start blogging I've been talking or meeting fellow poz, disclosing my true identity is part of it, since they are poz as well I gave them my full trust and respect that my secret will be kept and their secret will be kept also (when someone comes out to me, it remains within me, not even my boyfriend knows about it). Going back to what happened on the day of my birthday, someone (let's call him X) who knows about my status outed me to his friend (let's call him Z), I didn't really mind it until I realized that since I was disclosed as HIV positive, person Z thought that my boyfriend was also HIV positive, there's a stigma attached to my boyfriend. THIS IS NOT GOOD, another person got involved, its like hitting two birds with one stone. 

I just wished that person X think twice before he quacks about someone else status, according Section 3 (b) (2) of Republic Act 8504 or the Philippine Aids Prevention and Control Act of 1998 provides that the right to privacy of individuals with HIV/Aids shall be guaranteed by the state. The damage has been done, maybe this time this issue has been passed to every person they know. This is a very private matter, it can ruin my life, my boyfriend's life and even my family's lives. I'm very hurt by this,  I TRUSTED YOU now it's just hard to trust anybody. I'm going to be more careful from now on. 

You can't turn back time. I just hope you realize now that what you did is wrong.