Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Year

I celebrated my birthday this month, a simple celebration with a few close friends, my family and few relatives. I was very happy. Early morning of my birthday my mom came to my room to greet me, to my surprise it wasn't only a verbal greeting she hugged me and she told me that she loves me very much, blaming efavirenz I was a bit groggy so I didn't had a chance to react properly I said thank you and slept again. It was such a nice feeling, finally my mom is beginning to accept me, accept me with this virus. My life has never been this great, health-wise, career-wise, love-wise. Even though there were a few problems that comes my way I am still happy and thankful, I don't need a lot of people around me, all I need are my friends, my family and "J". By the way "J" is another story, I will post an entry of his own. So far so great! I am very thankful with what GOD has given me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Positivism | In Sickness and in Health

Love has no boundaries, love conquers all even your HIV status. Here's an inspiring video.

Every girl has an ideal man, a fantasy love story and a dream wedding.

Just like Reese - a simple girl from Cebu who found herself nearly having all three... And then came HIV.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living Positively + Living Well Campaign

A movement to use love and happiness against HIV.

Begin your own advocacy to live with a positive outlook, and share that positivism to the world. Add your voice to the growing number of advocates rallying for positivism and against HIV.

To be a part of the Living Positively + Living Well Open Photoshoot:
  1. Share your stories, thoughts, or philosophies on how you live positively;
  2. Join our two-part open photoshoot; and
  3. Be featured in our photo exhibition.

When: October 22 and 29 (10AM-6PM)

Where: Pioneer Studios, 123 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City
For the location map and directions to the venue, visit The parking space in front of Pioneer Studios is limited and a tow-away zone.  Pay parking is available at Pioneer Citiland Parking near the studio at the corner of Pioneer Street and Reliance Street (see location map).  Rates are PhP30.00 for first 3 hours and PhP10.00 succeeding hours.

Registration Fee: PhP1,000.00

Proceeds to the event will be used for further skills training of YFL members as we expand our program to reach more people affected by HIV.

Specially-trained peer counselors from The Love Yourself Project (TLYP) will offer free counseling during the event.

How to Participate:
  1. Pre-register to confirm your participation (see registration form below)
    1. Answer the question “How do you live positively?”
    2. Select a schedule for your photoshoot. Make sure to indicate the following details:
      1. Shirt size;
      2. Preferred date; and
      3. Preferred time.
  2. Come to the scheduled photoshoot date and time
    1. Get professionally-shot portraits by photographer Noel Abelardo; and
    2. A special Yoga for Life “Living Positively + Living Well” t-shirt.
  3. Watch out for the Photo Exhibition in December 2011


What should I wear?
You will be provided a Yoga for Life t-shirt to wear during the photoshoot. Please wear bottoms that will allow you to comfortably sit in a cross-legged position on the floor, e.g. pants.

Will the basic grooming or make-up service include hair styling?
We will have make-up artists on site to do basic touch-ups and grooming. We prefer the participants to look naturally beautiful; there is no need to look extremely glamorous.

Why do I have to pre-register and pay a 50% downpayment?
We don’t want you to wait long to have your photo taken. So by pre-registering and making a downpayment, we can reserve a timeslot that is most convenient for you.  We will also be able to reserve a t-shirt that best fits your size.  This process will allow us to work more efficiently and give you the attention and service you deserve.  You can pay the 50% balance at the venue.  We can issue official receipts upon request.

Can I still go if I did not pre-register or pay the 50% downpayment?
Yes, but you may have to wait for the next available timeslot.  Pre-registered individuals will be given priority.  Best to give us a call before you come so we can advice you.  Call Charmaine at 09175404247.  You can pay the P1,000 donation at the venue.

Can I bring a friend who wants to go for the same photoshoot but had not pre-registered on the website?
Yes, but same rule applies as in the previous question.

How long will the photoshoot take?
Allot 1.5 to 2 hours for the whole process, which will include registration, 10-minute peer education, make-up/grooming, and actual photoshoot.

Is the HIV peer education required?
The 10-minute HIV peer education session is optional, but highly recommended.  You will be in the good hands of certified peer educators from The Love Yourself Project, our partner for the campaign.  It will be a productive way to fill in the waiting time.


By filling out the registration form, I am committing to participate in this photoshoot in support of Yoga for Life’s Living Positively + Living Well Campaign.  I understand that the donation of P1,000.00 will be collected from every participant to pay for a package that includes: (1) a Yoga for Life t-shirt, (2) basic grooming or make-up services, (3) a free HIV peer education session, and (4) two post-processed digital photos - 1 headshot layout and 1 lotus yoga pose layout.

Please make a 50% downpayment or full payment to reserve a timeslot.  Fill in and submit  the registration form on or before 21 October 2011. We will contact you through email or mobile phone to confirm your reserved timeslot.

Payment Instructions

You have three options for paying:
  1. Make a 50% downpayment of PhP500.00 by depositing it to our bank account and pay the 50% balance during the actual photoshoot;
  2. Make a full payment of PhP1,000.00 by depositing it to our bank account; or
  3. Paying either amount directly to Charmaine Cu-Unjieng or Paulo Leonido (co-founders) during a regular yoga class on or before 19 October 2011.  Official receipts will be given. Please settle any balance during the actual photoshoot. Schedule of classes can be found at

For bank deposits, our bank details are as follows:

Bank name: China Banking Corp. (Chinabank Greenhills Branch)
Account name: Yoga for Life Foundation, Inc.
Account number: 105-375041-6

* Please show your bank deposit slip or Yoga for Life official receipt when you register during the actual photoshoot.