Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day!

Today is AIDS awareness day! Let us light a candle for those people who died of HIV/AIDS.

Every year of my 22years of existence (lol), I really don't give much priority to the celebration of W A D, I just wore a red ribbon pin because I was told to do so, not until now, this day is intended for pozzie's like me, it's like our November 1 or even Christmas? hehehe... It's our day of being remembered or even saying: Hey! we are HIV positive and we are still alive. Enough with the stigma, we are just like any normal people, enough with the discrimination, we just wanted to be accepted in the society.

My life as pozzie may not have been great but so far it's okay and getting better, I was happy that I've met friends like JUAN DELA CRUZ of Positive = Rebirth, LUCKY of Lucky 13, UBERMENSCH of d-ubermensch and also some other friends I've met on YOGA FOR LIFE especially MR.YOGI! Thank you for being there for me! Love you guys! Hope to gain more friends. 

Happy world aids day guys! Let's keep on fighting! :)

BTW, Do you know your status? If not, have yourself tested.


  1. still happy and gay!
    be stronger!

  2. we already met... di mo lang alam... hahaha


  3. @paci: thanks! this heart is still beating. :)

    @iamhivpositive: ah tlga? kelan tayo nagkita? ndi ko kc alam or matandaan. hehehe...

  4. hehehehe... nung birthday mo... inabutan mo pa nga ako ng napakasarap na hopia... =)

  5. ang dami kasing tao nun, ndi ko alam kung cnu ka dun. pero nice to meet you na din. hehehe... umattend kb ng WAD celebration sa YFL?