Friday, March 18, 2011

A Warrior and A Child

Most of you think people living with HIV are strong, yes we are, it would really take a lot of strength to live every day for the rest of our lives. I think I am but sometimes I find a need to wore a mask, fake a smile, a laughter just to hide what I am feeling, It's not because I'm not being true to myself, I just need too! So that the people around me wouldn't worry too much, most especially my family, they have no idea what I am going through, I wish I could just tell them but I can't, not right now, I need to wait for the right moment. I never expected this journey to be easy but I know I am strong enough to handle it, my best friend's A and M didn't had any clue that I was going through something like this until I told them, they were shocked but they didn't let me see a tear fall from their eyes, they always act strong in front of me but I know they are worried, I wanted everything to be normal, I don't want people to treat me like a sick or a dying person, I don't want to have limitations, I don't want to limit my life, I just want it to live the way I want it although I know I can't live it carelessly, especially at this moment where my body is at a fragile state. I am very scared but I am confident that through this battle GOD and the people that loves me will be always by my side, they are my armor they prevent me from getting wounded. I maybe a warrior but I am also just a child...

I fall... I cry... I get defeated... my enemy has already got me on my knees but I will always have the courage to stand up and fight!

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