Friday, January 14, 2011

Nobody's BITCH!

Since I became single I begun my promiscuous adventure, I only had a few encounter's when I became HIV positive, and I know I want more, I am young and I want to explore more. I know I have HIV but this doesn't stop me from having sex, I am still human, I have my needs. I am strict when it comes to having sex I have a NO CONDOM NO SEX policy. I created a account in some gay networking site, I must admit I became easily marketable, I used a decent profile pic, but then I changed it into something more sexy but not in a cheap way, more people viewing my profile the more messages i am receiving. My best friend always ask me "Why is it so easy for the gay community to get sex?" I answered I don't know. maybe because it's December and its cold, it seems people are longing for some hot action, "naghahanap sila ng magpapainit sa pasko nila at ako un!", a few text from here to there, I was shy at first, a bit afraid but i got the hang of it, it started with a a few date/s (wholesome date/s) coffee, movie and dinner, followed by a one on one action, then there's 3some's, and a 4some but it didn't stop there, orgy? no, not yet, I had sex day after day, there were times I get them twice a day, or maybe thrice? every time with a different person. hahahaha... I have been to different place within the area, I didn't know that promiscuity would teach me to explore the different parts of my area. I know I made myself TOO AVAILABLE, but I choose my partner's very well. I have standards. I maybe easy but I am not cheap! lol! In terms of sex,  I like it intense and rough! Really rough! I am not the vanilla type! I am a slave... but I am fragile! I had done it in public areas as well, in the bus, park, movie house, mall comfort room, fitting room and etc... I always make sure that my partner/s will have a great time, some say's I'm good, some say's I'm great, some want's to own me and be their exclusive partner in bed. Sorry guys but I'm nobody's bitch! Most of the time I didn't even know the names of my sex partner/s, after hooking up I don't usually talk to them anymore unless the sex is great and will be scheduling a second meet up, there will always be an exception. I had met people with different personalities, body built, and size, again not all tall guys have bigger dicks. hehehe...

This post may be disturbing to some people, but always remember that I am still human and I have needs, I always do it protected, every now and then I still checked their dicks if their condom is still on. Regardless of your status you should always do it protected. HIV is real and it is now here in the Philippines, the numbers are still going up so practice safe sex guys. :)


  1. while this maybe irrelevant now, just out of curiosity, wanted to ask you when you hook up, do you/ did you inform ur partners abt ur HIV status?