Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

I know you are at the lowest point of your life, problems are getting into to you, you are in pain, you are lost and you can’t find the right way, you are confused, you are depressed and you feel unloved. You’re always wearing a mask, you’re trying to put up a tough exterior but you cry like a child when nobody is looking, you cry almost every night, embracing yourself and telling that everything will be alright, indeed you are right, things will fall into place, no matter how bad things are, just hold on, be strong, have faith, there are many people who loves you, just open your heart and let them in, you are not alone, they care about you, they want you to live so please have the courage to fight. Always remember the people that you loved most. Your friends, they might don’t know what’s happening to you but through thick and thin you can always count on them. You have your best friend who loves you very much, she not ready to lose you. She will fight with you she is always at your side. Your boyfriend, forgive him already, it’s not good for you to keep pain in your heart it will only make things worse, you know he loves you, he gave up so many things to be with you, to take care of you, you are his world now, he will do anything to keep you from harm, if only he can just get that virus from you he will. Value your relationship. Your family, they love you very much especially your mom, she might be angry now because she also in pain but she’ll learn to accept you. Your family will never leave you, they will be proud of you! And mostly GOD, his love is unconditional, he’s always at your side, just pray he will listen, he has a purpose for all this, this will make you a better person. Don’t think too much! Learn to accept the situation you are into, it’s too late to blame yourself. Just breathe! Remember everything will be okay! Keep on fighting! Your heart is still beating!


The Future Me


  1. ul be fine soon... just hold on... :))

  2. i feel for you... i'm like you these past weeks... but i am now trying to hold on together..

    Just keep it together somehow... try to think of happy things and your happy from time to time.. :)

    remember that life sucks today... but not forever... atleast try not to make it suck. and remember your blog's title :)

    Smile, it helps! :)

  3. @anonymous: thanks! im not going to give up.

    @faysal: thanks you!:)

    @lucky.trese: keber, ndi ako makatulog, tapos bgla ako napasulat. :)

    @Im a Positive: thanks! i will remember everything that you said, let's do this together. Fight! Fight! Fight!

  4. you can get through this in one piece. i am very confident about that. i am just here, still waiting until you are ready to meet and talk. :)

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  6. Hold on. Will pray for you. Hugs!