Monday, October 18, 2010

22 Soon!

It seems everybody s excited for my special day, except for me, my friends keeps reminding that my birthday is coming up. They keep on asking what my plans are. Will I have a party? Well honestly I’m not that excited, I don’t know why. Last month I was planning to have a party, I was planning to celebrate my debut this year because I failed to celebrate last year due to I was hospitalized, my tonsils got removed. I’m turning 22 by the way, all of my plans change just a few weeks ago, when I told my mom about my status, she doesn’t want me to spend so much money on my party, she just wants me to save money for the future, she thinks I’m going die soon so I have to be prepared financially, although she has a point that I have to be financially prepared when that day comes. So I thought about how I will spend my birthday this year. I realized that every birthday I had is not for me, it’s for the pleasure of the people around me so I told myself this year it’s going to be different, this year my birthday is for myself, no party, no alcohols, nothing, just yoga on my birthday. I may sound selfish but I don’t care hehehe…


  1. go ahead and celebrate your birthday in whatever way you think is best for you.

    if it is any consolation, i learned about my HIV-positive status two weeks before my birthday last april 10 and got the confirmation two days after my natal day so you can imagine what a bummer it was but i still managed to enjoy that special occasion. :)

    advanced happy birthday!

  2. Enjoy your life. It is too short already for people to enjoy, why make it shorter by worrying about these bogus medical frauds? Don't let this "HIV" diagnosis affect the way you live.

    Assuming you really have "HIV", are you going to waste your time worrying about CD4 counts and your day of reckoning? Or spend your time living your life to the fullest and enjoying the company of your loved ones?

    But don't fret, these tests no matter how they market them as 99.999% "accurate" are unreliable.......according to their manufacturers themselves and CANNOT be used to detect the presence or absence of this supposed "HIVirus". Also, assays are not measured by ACCURACY but by SPECIFICITY and SENSITIVITY. Ask the "HIV" experts in your country.

    "Sensitivity and Specificity

    At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence and absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood. Therefore sensitivity was computed based on the clinical diagnosis of AIDS and specificity based on random donors.

    The ABBOT studies show that:

    1. Sensitivity based on an assumed 100% prevalence of HIV-1 antibody in AIDS patients is estimated to be 100% (144 patients tested).

    2. Specificity based on an assumed zero prevalence of HIV-1 antibody in random donors is estimated to be 99.9% (4777 random donors tested)."

    ASSUMED 100% PREVALENCE means they are assuming that this subset of individuals they tested are infected with "HIV". Guess who this subset of individuals are? CORRECT - homosexual men, hemophiliacs, african race or intravenous drug users.

    Question to ask. If anti-bodies to Chicken pox signify immunity, why are anti-bodies to "HIV" said to CONFER INFECTION instead of IMMUNITY?