Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Love Myself

Last Sunday I went to the love yourself photo-shoot. I already had 2 photo-shoot in past month, one for yoga for life and another for the project headshot clinic. Feeling model! LOL! The love yourself group was very accommodating, they were very friendly. I met ako_si_bong during the photo-shoot, he was nice. After registering I immediately change shirt and proceed to make up, while waiting someone talk to me, I don't even know who he was but he is very madaldal and very friendly, the conversation started when he asked me if I am single or committed. I am already taken. :) He asked about my previous relationship, I shared some info, feeling close lng ako. He also went to the yoga for life Christmas party but unfortunately I wasn't there because I was sick. Then it was my turn to have my photo taken, I was nervous. Ndi naman tlga ako sanay magpapicture! lol! after I'm done the conversation went on and I still don't know who he was, until someone introduced him, to my surprise the person I am talking to is the author of Manily Gay Guy! MGG was very nice, the love yourself group were all very nice. He gave me his calling card. Then next day I added MGG on facebook and the following day he followed me on my twitter poz account. He already knew who I was. I don't know how but it's okay. hehehe... I have no problem in disclosing but I still choose to whom will I tell my status, I still need to protect my family and my partner. Overall it was a very nice experience. If my schedule permits I would definitely volunteer myself to the group. I hope I got a good picture. Till next time! :)


  1. When I was reserving tickets for MGG's blog's 5th anniv celebration, someone anonymously texted me about infos about the event, where to get the ticket, when, etc. I didn't meet him, though. After the event, since I don't know how to contact MGG (I want to thank him for the event, was fun), I texted the anonymous guy and asked him to please relay my message to MGG. Guess what, the anonymous guy was sir Migs! Haha