Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Life

I’m young and reactive with HIV-1.

I’m still at the state of accepting my condition though sometimes denying it and hoping that my result is negative. There were instances that I thought of ending my life, but  I knew for a fact that this won’t solve anything. I realized I have to hold on because I have to be strong for myself, my family and for my boy friend for 8 months now. I'm just worrying so much for him and wishing that he would be negative. I am praying that in these coming months he comes out negative. I'd rather have him negative than go through what I am experiencing right now.

Every day I pray for forgiveness, strength, and guidance. I need to straighten my act. No matter how bad things are for me, I needed to live and life must go on. Through this I want to enjoy life more and see what is more important with the limited time that I have. Things happen for a reason and I believe in God. If this is what He wants for me then I would accept it. As of now, I’m not ready to tell anybody else yet. I don’t want to add another burden to my family. They had enough heart breaks last year so let’s give them more time.

For others like me, let us not be ignorant, learn the disease, manage the disease and conquer it. Always think that it’s not the end, treatments will help us live. We still deserve a second chance because for us, this will be our second chance to life. We’ve already been wounded but it’s up to us to prevent that wound from getting worst. Things will get better.

Be strong, be tough and beat the bitch!!

I think I will be OK and so will you... Good luck to us!

 and remember... just breath... you’ll be OK.


  1. the title alone says a lot; what follows says more. i salute you.

  2. hi there. hope to talk to you more. :)

  3. @chemistry guy: im looking forward to that. =)

  4. yeah. beat this stupid replicating chain of rna stuff.

    well. ur not alone. that's for sure. ;)

  5. You can't beat something you "really" don't know, can you?

    Start reading. Stop listening to pharmaceutical propaganda. Do more researching. Remember Galileo? He was branded a heretic supporting the idea of heliocentrism and not geocentrism which was the mainstream view at that time.

    I suggest you start your research by finding out why "Germs are not the cause of diseases". Search and read the papers of Antoine Bechamp and how Louis Pasteur committed fraud and mischief by plagiarizing and copying Antoine Bechamp's papers.

    Also, look at the dissident websites and papers. If mainstream HIV/AIDS is correct in what they say, they would've provided a cure and vaccine on the MOST STUDIED and HEAVILY FUNDED "viral entity" of all time.

    Edward Jenner was able to produce a vaccine for small pox in just ONE SEASON and with a measly budget of less than a hundred pounds. "HIV" on the other hand has used up hundreds of billions of dollars on research in THIRTY YEARS, yet they haven't progressed an inch. The only thing they did is increase casualties by giving them TOXIC DRUGS. Liver failure is the LEADING cause of death of "HIV" positive people who are/were on AZT/ARV/HAART.

  6. Challenge yourself, read some alternative views about "HIV"/AIDS and see who speaks of the truth without undue influence from pharmaceutical companies. The first 4 sites host A LOT OF INFORMATION you'll never hear from mainstream "HIV" experts.

    Forum where you can ask any question about "HIV" as majority of people in this forum are "HIV" positives as well.

  7. How did you get infected if I may ask?